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First answer to Mr CARROLL following his last coded message (December 1896) adressed to his readers and to chessplayers.

Letter to Mr Lewis CARROLL

42, Christ Church Avenue

Lyon, January 24th 2042

            Dear Mr Lewis CARROLL,

I am sorry ! It is very late that I answer your mail of December 1896, but it was only the 16 of June 1999 that the NOAO, via its artistic manager Mrs Isabelle MOULIN SAINT-PIERRE, told me about your chess game and the attached message.

She presented me a part of your life : which happiness to plunge in the XIXth century and in a secret garden, at the same time so close and so far from the town ! It was in Lyon 7th, at the 30, Claude Veyron Street.

This presentation was finally very complete and definite because in some hours, believing that you were a big lady of England of XIXth century, I understood very quickly my mistake and my obvious lack of culture ! Being only a chessplayer, I hope you will forgive me !

During this reading I immediatly understood that you were waiting an answer from us : « But who could dream about that ? ». Not being gifted for chess problems, I phoned and wrote a little everywhere. I was astonished because many people knew you but nobody had answered you. So I had to search by myself.

This answer preparation took me to La Rochelle, Paris, Avignon (France), Oxford and then London. All this slowed me a little more... until the next century. I am the first to be sorry of this.

Then I had to meet in 2003 Mr Maurice POUILLY and his collaborators, Mrs My-Trang ECKHARDT, manager of Lacroix-Laval, Mr Olivier DESMULES (International Relation) and Mr Jean-Bernard POISSANT of the Sport Mission of Conseil général du Rhône. I told them that it was a little inconvenient : nobody did deign to answer you, master of marvellous, who had written more than 98 000 letters in his life and who always tried to answer his readers « child friends » !

In November 2006 I learn that to repair this lack of courtesy the Conseil général invites you from May to September 2007 in a castle of your century in the Lacroix-Laval Domain located in France near Lyon.

A party called « Gardens and Wonders : Alice's Mirror » was organized in this opportunity. I hope it pleased you !

Finally, from November 2004, the URDLA via its President Mr Max SCHOENDORFF had offered to give me paper, ink and a feather to bring you the more complete answer. I accepted.

So a book will really be published on this famous chessgame and will be presented in the Salon du livre in Paris on March 15th 2008, a new stage in this wonderful adventure...

Is your address still Mr Lewis CARROLL, 42 Christ Church Avenue, Dodgsontown, WONDERLAND ?

Very sincerely yours,
Christophe LEROY

An amazing adventure...

The mysterious chess game of the book « Through the looking glass and what Alice found there » (Continuation of Alice in Wonderland) published in 1871 is finally a coded game with different possible translations.

In order to decipher it, literary persons, stage designers, plastics specialists, ethnobotanists and chessplayers rallied themselves around those exciting and unpublished discoveries, expanded as one goes along year by year, including a travel « on Lewis CARROLL's footsteps » made in 2007 by Christophe LEROY in Oxford and London.

Why do we assert that these discoveries, remained until then confidential, are really unpublished ? How could this game, visible to all in the book of Lewis CARROLL, keep its secrets for so long? Why did nobody find out the solution despite the tips given by the author himself on December 1896, 25

Christophe LEROY based his research on a lot of magazines or books which have been sent to his home or the Centre of Chess Players (3, rue de l’Angile Lyon 5°), a place where games have been played for 18 years by the local chess players. He finally realized that this game had never really been read or solved properly .…

It seems to be a request for marriage from Lewis CARROLL to Alice LIDDELL (the true Alice). His request ultimately was refused, making the English poet even more melancholy than normal … but leading him to write a second masterpiece…

Thinking that this game was really poetic and deserved to be known and recognized, Christophe LEROY said : “I think this game is part of the world literary heritage…” with the feeling to have finally found a precious text of the English author… allowing us to have a truly different reading than the one usually found in Through the looking glass and what Alice found there

Ils ont soutenu nos projets :

Tournoi du 15 juin
Métier AXA

Conférence Alice et le Maître d'Echecs

Vous organisez une manifestation ou un séminaire, et seriez intéressés par une conférence ? Nous vous proposons une conférence expliquant la partie d'échecs de Lewis CARROLL, célèbre écrivain anglais du XIXème siècle, jusqu'alors irrésolue depuis 136 ans ! Elle ouvre la suite d'Alice au pays des merveilles à savoir De l'autre côté du miroir et ce qu'Alice y trouva. Littérature, poésie, mathématiques, logique symbolique, esotérisme, seront notamment au rendez-vous.
Voir quelques photos.

Matériel : Vous fournissez salle, tables et chaises, nous venons avec le matériel de projection et les livres.
Conférencier : Christophe LEROY, auteur de la résolution.
Participants : Jusqu'à environ 70. Libre à vous de leur faire payer un droit d'entrée.
Durée : Approximativement 1h30.
Tarif : 300 euros + frais de déplacement. Conditions particulières : nous contacter.

pour obtenir un devis gratuit.